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HTML is the basic scripting language to build a website. No matter how attractive and creative the design is, if it is not coded well, it will not be functional. Hence, it is essential to make sure the code makes sense in order to avoid any invalid document structures which may be caused by faulty HTML syntax. HTML5 is the new version of the scripting language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and its behaviours. HTML5 refers to an open web technologies which provide for significantly enhanced functionality user experience across every browser, application functionality, improved surfing, local storage of app/user data and richer interactivity. HTML5 is a combination of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript that helps the designers and developers in building excellent and eye-catching websites and applications across multiple browsers.

HTML5 is the trend nowadays due to its incredible capabilities that benefit businesses manifolds from website designing to website applications. HTML5 (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) is the fifth revision of the language known as 'the language of web'. The latest release of HTML has become the favourite of many developers and web designers as it combines CSS and JavaScript to create simple, intuitive, and browser-friendly web Pages. Using HTML5, you are able to describe the content in a better way as it offers semantic elements. Users can also get more options in presentation such as improved 2D and 3D effects and more effects.

Some of the HTML5 Features are:
Interactive Forms
Semantic Tags
Vector Graphics
History API
Offline Storage
Web Sockets

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